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Fresh'n'Style 2 *Original* (Bona_Berlin)

Fresh'n'Style 2 *Original* (Bona_Berlin)

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Paint on Canvas

Unique piece of Art

40x60 cm | 15.7x23.6 in


Bona_Berlin is a street artist. She is known for her very colourful faces, which are always a unique composition of colours, shapes and materials. These quirky heads feel pretty comfortable in the streets of the world, but everything started on small sheets of paper in Berlin. In the meantime, the paste ups have become murals that can be found in many countries on different continents.

The faces of Bona_Berlin are unique and diverse at the same time. As we all are. The artist has had several solo shows in the past years, she curated the first all female street art show in Hamburg and is a fixture at many Urban Art Festivals. Besides that, Bona_Berlin supports a lot of social projects.
In 2020, Bona_Berlin won the “Streetart of the year” audience award in the category “intervention”. “The Face” is an anamorphic installation that she created in cooperation with Galerie Pfund&Dollar and which shows in many angles that we are more than what we seem to be at first sight.



LED Stripes mit Silikon Hülle

Acrylglas 6mm

CH/EU Stecker

Metallkette für Montage


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