Artist Collaboration with Cheweji (Alara Çivici)


Turkish artist

She was born in 1997 in Istanbul, Turkey. She completed her primary and secondary education in Istanbul. Subsequently, she graduated from Kadıköy Anatolian Technical and Vocational High School, Branch of Graphics and Photography. In 2016, she started her undergraduate education at Marmara University, Department of Art Education.  Major in Graphics, graduated in 2020. She continued to be the vice president of AVANGART, the club that aims to bring the society into art, founded with her friends during her undergraduate education, until the day she graduated. Now she is doing her Master's in Art and Design at Yıldız Technical University.

The artist, whose real name is Alara Çivici, creates her artworks under the name 'Cheweji'. During her undergraduate education, she established her mission to understand the relationship between art branches and creating different relationships with digital art. In master's education, she works in new experiential art fields that develop through digital. Drawing attention with her erotic-concept works that she started in 2019, Cheweji is currently continuing her career as an illustration artist.

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